2012 Terra Remota, Caminito, Empordà

( €12, 13.5% )

Blending Garnatxa and Syrah and aged for six months in oak, this is an ambitious rosado with good concentration and notes of red fruits and wild herbs. Subtle wild strawberry fruit, a nip of tannin and fresh acidity. Slightly pricey.


Similar Wines: £20-£30, 86-90, Spain, Rose, Grenache, Syrah/Shiraz

2011 Espelt Viticultors,Terres Negres, Empordà, Empordà

( €11, 14% )

Pure Cariñena from a winery that combines the best of traditional and modern philosophies, producing wines with integrity. A rich, lightly-oaked, stylish red that shows the grape variety at its best with plum and sweet, figgy fruit and good minearlity and freshness.


Similar Wines: £10-£20, 86-90, Spain, Red, Carignan