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Never A False Note

by Wojciech Bońkowski MW

Wolfgang Amadeus composed to a genre, like every author in his era. A sonata consisted of three separate pieces, the first telling the story of tonal conflict between two contrasting...

Having Fun With Wine

by Tim Atkin

At first sight, it looked like a PR disaster. Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, was filmed falling off a paddleboard into Lake Windermere five times. He’s a...

A Natural High

by Barnaby Eales

In the Azorean psyche lies a shared history of inhabiting a place shaped by lava flows and volcanic eruptions. There is also the constant threat of earthquakes and storms, which...

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Buon Viaggio

People can be so virtuous when it comes to the appropriate amount of luggage to pack for an overseas trip. I was packing for a six-week wine journey through Italy...

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Future Forward

by Celia Bryan-Brown

What we’ll be drinking in 2029 In my grandmother’s kitchen there’s a cover of The Sunday Times Magazine stuck on one of the cupboards. It’s the final edition from 2009,...

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Drink Promiscuously

by Cong Cong Bo

It bothers me that wine drinkers frequently choose wine based on colour, or indeed dismiss those of the “wrong” colour. I have encountered this discrimination most overtly in the rosé...

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Collecting Flavour

by Tom Hewson

Every trade has its sartorial call-signs. The wine trade plays host to the fraternity-of-the-red-trouser, its membership made up of legs that appear to have filled, loafer-to-belt, with decades of luncheon...

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Back to the future

by Simon Woolf

Fine wines are timeless – that elusive combination of elegance, complexity and gravitas, plus ageing potential in spades. Their prices unfortunately are not. Top rank Bordeaux, Burgundy or mature Barolos...

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A Fruity Number

by Tim Atkin

I know we’ve just come through the silly season, when tales of killer chipmunks and dolphin sign language deputise for what’s normally classed as news in the British media, but...

Wine of the Week

2022 Laurent Miquel Lieu-Dit La Vérité Viognier, Pays d'Oc

( £19.99, 14.5%, Waitrose Cellar )

I have to admit that I often find Viognier a one glass wine, but Laurent Miquel’s La Vérité from a special parcel on one of his Languedoc estates is the kind of thing I could drink by the case. Intense, textured, creamy, yet refreshing, it has aromas of honeysuckle and...


2022 Ken Forrester Wines The Misfits Cinsault, Western Cape

( £10, 13%, Tesco )

Ken Forrester is best known as one of the Cape’s most famous Chenin Blanc producers, but he produces some very decent reds, too. This is made from Cinsault, one of the parents of local Pinotage but also gaining a following in its own right. Think of it as a South...


2022 Taste the Difference Côtes du Rhône White, Rhône Valley

( £9, 12.5%, Sainbury's )

Who needs to age a white wine in oak when it has as much flavour as this southern Rhône blend of Grenache Blanc, 20% Viognier, 12% Roussanne and 10% Marsanne? Honeysuckle, jasmine and ginger aromas segue into a palate that’s light, zesty and refreshing, with peach, lemongrass and wild mountain...


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Tim is a largely self-taught photographer whose camera accompanies him on his many journeys across the world. His photographs have been featured in the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and many of the leading wine titles, and provide the vivid backdrop to his Wine Reports. Three of his images were shortlisted for the 2024 Pink Lady Photography Awards. For more information about his work, please contact

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