2024 Aragón Top 100


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This is the first report on the often-forgotten region of Aragón in Spain’s north-eastern corner. I’ve spent years driving up and down the back roads of this wild and sparsely populated part of the country, and I’ve fallen in love with the wild spirit of the wines and the pioneering attitude of their winemakers. Sometimes maligned for huge volumes of cheap industrial wine, Aragón is at the start of an exciting renaissance with growers returning to old vines and incredible terroirs. The result? Outstanding wines with authentic character unlike anywhere else.

Over two weeks, covering great distances from north to south, I visited 43 producers and tasted wines from countless others in the offices of the DOs, bars, hotel rooms and wherever I could find a glass and a spittoon! From the 463 wines tasted, this Top 100 is a representation of not just the very best wines of the region but also offers a fair spread of wines from each DO (and regions in between), wine styles, varieties and producers – it should be seen as a launching point into modern Aragón.

There are really great things happening here – download the report and get in on the ground floor! Incorporating the four DOs plus everything in between, it is surely the most substantial piece of work on the region.


Beth Willard