by Charlie Leary

Pouring Politics

A recent article in Punch argued that we must re-inject politics into wine: “Without politics, terroir is just soil.” The article’s pretext was that some sort of ideological power play...

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by Cong Cong Bo

Drink Promiscuously

It bothers me that wine drinkers frequently choose wine based on colour, or indeed dismiss those of the “wrong” colour. I have encountered this discrimination most overtly in the rosé...

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by Peter Pharos

Postmodern Wine

If you are wondering why Threads has not caught up with Twitter yet, the answer is Direct Messages. A lot is made of the performative nature of social media posts,...

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by Tim Atkin

Rioja On The Rocks

It should have been a moment of celebration, a chance to hymn the qualities of a special place. José Luiz Pérez-Linares’ documentary, Rioja: La Tierra de Mil Vinos, will be...

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by Harry Eyres

Deconstructing Wine Descriptions

Near the beginning of the heroically rambling recollections of a lifetime’s passion for wine which he assembled and published as Notes on a Cellar Book, the Victorian literary critic George...

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by Anne Burchett

Hoarding Books And Wines

When I moved into the house I still live in, I thought I would never be able to fill it. It’s not huge but I had few possessions at the...

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by Margaret Rand

Resonant Rosé

To be perfectly clear, I love rosé. On a hot summer’s day it’s all you want; on a cool drizzly summer’s day it reminds you that it is in fact...

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by Andy Neather

Big Money And The Soul Of Wine

You would need a heart of stone not to laugh at the travails of Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, honorary chairman of the Champagne house and grandson of its founder. The British press...

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by Peter Pharos

The Revolution Won’t Be Vinified

There is something vaguely onanistic in two contributors to the same website taking opposing views in back-to-back columns. As a reader, you are left with the sensation that instead of...

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by Guy Woodward

The Politics of Wine

When I came into the wine industry 20 years ago, my impression was that, politically, it was broadly right-leaning. Certainly the upper echelons of the UK’s fine-wine fraternity were the...

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by Rod Smith MW

More Rayas Than Raisin

For many people in the UK getting into wine in the 1990s Australia was new and vibrant. The ‘sunshine in a glass’ mantra, coupled with labels in English, often with...

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