by Wojciech Bońkowski MW

The Desert Island Wine

Thirassiá covers nine square kilometres and is the Siamese twin of Santorini. The two islands were separated by a catastrophic volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC. Thirassiá looks exactly...

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by Rod Smith MW

The Low-Down on Bordeaux 2022

The 2022 vintage in Bordeaux, as across all of France and most of the rest of Europe, was very hot. Regular news stories about daily temperatures exceeding 40°C were prominent....

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by Anne Burchett

How Natural Should We Go?

‘Everybody has Botox,’ says my much younger friend who thinks she’s old because she’s in her late thirties. I don’t but, having researched the subject, I was almost relieved to...

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by Margaret Rand

Knowing When To Stop

The other week Domaine de Chevalier brought over samples of the 19 components of its 2022 red grand vin, plus a sample of the final blend. I’ve always thought blending...

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by Peter Pharos

Wine Chatbots

Sometime in the next couple of years Robert Joseph will buy me a bottle of wine. I believe the erstwhile wine correspondent of the Daily Telegraph to be a man...

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by Andy Neather

Mental Geography

It felt mildly embarrassing. A member of the team from Black Chalk was trying to explain to me exactly where their Hampshire vineyard was as we sipped the fine, precise...

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by Tim Atkin

Lessons In Internationalism

“How many of you here tonight were born in London?” In a room of 400 people, no more than 20 of us put up our hands. (In case you’re wondering,...

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by Tom Hewson

Do It The Hard Way

“You should never be comfortable, man. Being comfortable fouled up a lot of musicians”. Miles Davis   The story feels good. The noble vine, eking out its existence on an...

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by Harry Eyres

Do We Need Smart Wines?

I overheard the comment at one of my favourite spring wine tastings, and it set my teeth on edge. “Yes, it’s a really smart wine,” said a young man, who...

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by Peter Pharos

A Brief Australian Fling

I love Australia, because it shows you what California would look like if the South had won the Civil War. You get so few good counterfactuals in history. And I love...

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by Fintan Kerr

A Natural Solution?

Considering we have the good fortune to deal with one of mankind’s greatest creations, we wine people spend a lot of time worrying. Our industry is inextricably linked to nature...

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by Charlie Leary

The Disenfranchised

If you search in Google  for “countries without a wine culture,” it returns an entry for “What countries are dry?”: “Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Mauritania, Libya, the Maldives, Iran,...

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