2020 South Africa Special Report


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Despite the well-publicised challenges it faces, South Africa is making the best wines in its history. Over the decade I’ve been writing these reports, it has been a delight to see the general improvements in quality and the tentative emergence of a South African fine wine sector, with bottles that are discussed, cellared, coveted, shared and sold at auction.

Rather than just a few individuals, what we have now is a constellation shining bright above us in the firmament, made up of more than 100 winemaking stars.

To prepare this report under the restrictions of Covid-19, I tasted 1,381 wines in London, and had 62 Zoom calls with winemakers to replace my usual month-long tour of the Cape.

The 225-page 2020 South Africa report contains

  • My Top wines, winemakers and grape growers of the year, and a Hall of Fame of recent winners
  • 268 wineries tasted
  • 1068 wines rated 90 points or more
  • Evocative photos of the winelands and winemakers
  • My controversial 2020 classification of the 125 best South African wineries
  • The Ten Things you need to know about South Africa and its wine industry
  • A list of some of the best restaurants in the Cape

All for £20.