by Christy Canterbury MW

Best Wine Bars in New York City

It’s hard to believe I started this list five years ago. Wine bars on this list have come and gone, but with each update, the options improve. It is as exciting as it is hard to keep up with!

New York City is a uniquely privileged wine market. We have a plethora of imbibing options as it is, and the advent of the Coravin has expanded our possibilities. One of the joys of wine bars is the chance to experience something new or otherwise inaccessible at a rather low risk.

So, there is no place on this list for lazy establishments. (Dear Wine Buyer, I hope those deep case deals were worth it. You’ve been offering the same Albariño from the same vintage for several years now, and it is fatiguing.) Good glassware (lowballs and technical ISO glasses are not an ideal way to enjoy fine wine) and knowledgeable staff that enjoys talking about the wines count, too. After all, New Yorkers demand the best of everything. Many more wine bars open their doors in Gotham each night, but these are among the very best.