2021 Assyrtiko Special Report



Assyrtiko has come a long way, from the answer to a tricky wine quiz question to being one of the world’s most exciting white varieties. Yet, for most people it is still exclusively a Santorini affair. Nothing could be further from the truth: today Assyrtiko is vinified all over Greece, and produces some exciting wines, with new terroirs emerging all the time. Even more excitingly, plantings are appearing all across the world.

This report by Peter Pharos is the first comprehensive look at this unique Greek variety. Covering the entire country, as well as the few non-Greek examples available, it contains in-depth tasting notes and scores for almost 80 wines, including a Podium selection of wines of the year. Inspired by Tim Atkin MW’s reports, it also suggests a first “Classification” of the elite Assyrtiko producers. There has never been a more exciting time for Assyrtiko – finally ready for Prime Time.