2021 Argentina Special Report


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I wasn’t able to visit Argentina this year, which was a wrench as it’s a country that’s close to my heart.
Instead, I tasted the wines and talked to many producers remotely. There’s no substitute for walking through vineyards and visiting cellars for getting a handle on what’s going on, but I’m proud of what I’ve managed to produce from the UK. It’s my biggest, as well as my most comprehensive report.

If Argentina’s economy doesn’t seem to improve from year to year, its wines certainly do. Today, Argentina is producing the most exciting wines in its history, thanks to modern winemaking, a better understanding of its terroirs and the development of new areas. Another thing that stands out is the quality of the 2019 harvest; cool and dry, it has produced reds and whites of impressive elegance and longevity. I consider it Argentina’s best-ever vintage, a year that is superior even to 2013.

The report contains in-depth notes and scores for 1,176 wines that scored 90 or above (and 110 which received 95 points or more), as well as my now-customary ‘Podium’, celebrating the winemakers and wines which deserve special mention in my view.